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How do you kick off the hottest new promotion in North Texas the right way?

This was a rhetorical question. We knew right away we had to set ourselves apart not only from other Texas promotions, but promotions all over the USA. What better way to do so then to bring the fans the biggest and best talent, not only in Texas, but across the nation. Our booker immediately got to work hammering out travel and finding a date that worked for all our top talent choices. Weeks later we are proud to announce our inaugural show talent that you can see for yourself on January 14th.

Sam Adonis

THE international superstar himself, Sam Adonis will be a cornerstone in the growth and advancement of Pale Pro. From CMLL in Mexico, to Japan, to Warrior Wrestling in Chicago, and countless others around the world, Sam Adonis has left his stamp of excellence everywhere he has gone, and we assure you Pale Pro will be no different.

Will Allday

One of the absolute best Texas has to offer, Will Allday will look to continue his show of greatness January 14th. Allday has dominated all of the top promotions in Texas, including capturing the ROW Television Title, and superkicking his way through VIP, Lions Pride, Inspire Pro, CLW in Arizona, and United Wrestling in CA just to name a few. This is a guy who has "IT", so take advantage of seeing him live, because sooner or later he is guaranteed to take "IT" to the next level.


From the deepest, darkest parts of West Virginia Beastman Husk looks to crawl to Texas to make a statement. Making his Texas debut, this behemoth has made promotions all over the USA his own hunting grounds including Warrior Wrestling, MVW, and many many more. January 14th he looks to pick apart any and everyone that steps in his way at Pale Pro.

Nobe Bryant

Known as The Real Deal for as many reasons as you could ask for, Nobe Bryant may very well the hottest free agent in the world today. He has dominated every promotion he has ever walked into including Booker T's ROW, and the current reigning, defending, undisputed Lions Pride World Champion. All of this is coming off the heels of a successful Japan tour with AJPW. Keep your eyes on The Real Deal, because the hottest free agent on the market today is not one you want to miss.

Otto Von Clutch

YEAH BRAH KADABRAH, O-Double T-O, DONT TOUCH THE CLUTCH, straight out of WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi's Knox Pro Academy this hard hitting, surfing bruiser is riding the wave back to Texas for Pale Pro. After tagging with Gangrel in a victory over The PAK at the Indy Wrestling Expo, Clutch looks to continue to crash into the talent of Texas like a tidal wave, and stake his claim that not even Texas can touch the Clutch!

Garrisaon Creed

The Mercenary Garrisaon Creed marches back down to Texas to set things right. After a hard fought loss to Madman Fulton, and coming up short to Barrett Brown in his previous 2 stints in Texas Creed looks to set the record straight and leave Pale Pro victorious. Creed continuously looks to better himself with trips to Warrior Wrestling, as well as showing out at the OVW Combine, January 14th this mercenary is ready for battle!

Chandler Hopkins

One of the hottest up and coming talents in Texas, The Young Gun is looking to take that next step in his career. He has made a name for himself all over Texas, including battling Lance Archer for the "King of Texas" title, but came up short, and made his Chicago debut with Warrior Wrestling. His high flying and athleticism are on par with some of the best on the Independent scene, and Hopkins looks to fly over the competition and make Pale Pro his stomping grounds.

The Magnificent Malico

The King of The Mad World, The Magnificent Malico has become a household name in the State of Texas. He dominates competition and captures championship gold at almost every place he goes. Looking to spread the disease of The Mad World, Malico has traveled to many states, and brought the best of the best to their knees. January 14th Malico comes home, and may god have mercy on whoever stands across the squared circle with The Magnifiect One.


Arguably THE hottest up and coming tag team in Texas, The PAK looks to turn Pale Pro in a Wasteland. The 17 year veteran "The Reaper of Death" Shane Stratmore and the young unhinged monster, the 6'6 320 pound "Pinnacle of War" APEX followed by the sick and twisted mind of Matt Marvel, have captured Tag Team Gold at 2 promotions in under a year, and look to add many more in the near future. The PAK looks to destroy any and everything in their way January 14th, and look to add more souls to the empty void that is The Wasteland.

Aski Palomino

The Mayan Warrior, Aski Palomino looks to use his lucha flare to overcome the competition. Aski has been building momentum all through 2020, and looks to ride that momentum right into 2021 and Pale Pros debut show Brawl at The Brew. Whoever draws Aski January 14th is in store for a hard hitting, fast paced, showcase that only the likes of The Mayan Warrior can bring.

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