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Introducing the Pale Pro Championship

Every great promotion needs the gold to strive for. The title can only be worn by the best of the best. The Pale Pro Championship will be more than bragging rights. The ultimate champion will have to push themselves through the blood, sweat, and tears to have the honor of strapping the gold around their waist.

How did Pale ensure the best of the best would become our inaugural champion? We handpicked the best talent in the States to go head to head in a one-night tournament for the honor to become the first-ever Pale Pro Champion.

Match up one: Sam Adonis vs Aski Palomino.

This match is sure to be an action-packed, fast-paced, Lucha showcase for the ages. Aski Palomino has made a name for himself all over Texas by being one of the most brutal Lucha competitors of this generation. Sam Adonis has struck fear in the hearts of competitors from the seas of Japan, to the deserts of Mexico, and everywhere in between. Wear your comfiest shoes because this match will have you on your feet from start to finish.

Match up two: Nobe Bryant VS Otto Von Clutch

A hard-hitting affair between two of wrestling's brightest shining stars. Nobe Bryant, who is arguably the best independent wrestler in Texas, faces off against Knox Pro sensation Otto Von Clutch in what is sure to be an instant classic.

The action can only be seen at our show January 14th, click on the poster below for the run down!

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