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Fan of the Night - Brawl at the Brew

WOW, what a debut show Pale Pro had this past Thursday night at Legal Draft Beer Co!

One thing we know for a fact, it's that the fans made it special! And while we love and appreciate each and every fan that watched in person and streamed it, there was one fan in particular that stood out of the crowd. Here are some highlights of the night.

He formed an instant bromance with Sam Adonis

I think every wrestler needs encouragement like this in their corner!

He even stepped in for the ref, who was knocked out in the opposite corner, to try and get Sam the win. Too bad his 3 count wasn't official.

Celebrating Sam's championship win!

It wasn't just Sam he was the ultimate fan for either, he is seen here celebrating Magnificent Malico and Beastman Husks win over The Pak.

Cheers to you sir! We hope to see you again February 12th!

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